There is a hollow abyss of epistemological emptiness that has formed within me — first as angst, and increasingly as elegiac hunger.

I tried but found that it could not be filled by rationalism alone, as hyper-rationalism leads inexorably to nihilism, and nihilism only feeds into the abyss.

I tried but found that it could not be filled by universalism, which was both prima facie false and left me with nothing unique, nothing spiritual.

Lastly, I found hedonism and decadence to be self-defeating and suicidal, lacking the qualities needed to build strength and character.

So, after years of indoctrinating education, atheism, liberalism, miscegenation, cultural-abasement, and most other known degeneracies, I discovered that I am in fact an esoteric tribalist Stoic. I am, in other words, a Heathen.

As such, I formally reject the degeneracies that have been pushed upon me and that I have at one time accepted: tolerance of homosexuality, capitalist greed, self-abasement and self-slavery, materialism, nihilism, Communism, atheism, pornography, hedonism, whoredom, racial suicide, the false dichotomy of “right” and “left”, and the glorification of other cultures and peoples at the expense of my own.

On the other hand, I formally accept what I view of as the Heathen or Pagan way: communion and friendship with the Gods, the search for a loving marriage and the building of a family, personal resolve, health and strength, acceptance and respect of nature and land, love of kith and kin and ancestors, and the propagation of culture. In short: blood, soil, tradition.

Seneca writes: “inter bonos viros ac deos amicitia est conciliante virtute” (“between good men and God there is a friendship brought about by virtue”). This is my goal.

Halaiz Wōdanaz,